This is a 1979 Spitfire. The VIN is FM97517U. It has a four speed transmission, NO overdrive. I bought the car used in the late 1980s and have had it since. It was my daily driver for about 15 years. My wife and I moved to Europe for 10 years, leaving the car behind. Upon return to the US we got the car back on the road. It did need some body work and repaint. We have driven it occasionally over the past 10 years mainly at car club activities in Las Cruces NM. It is not a show car; it is a car for just having fun driving. Being a Spitfire, it has a natural inclination to leak motor oil, overheat in the summer, have dicey Lucas Electronics, and generally give an owner an ongoing project. It has just over 100K miles and still runs reasonably well. It has a good soft top, tonneau cover, missing a couple of snaps, spare tire and the emission control canisters (not actually installed on the car). We put on an aftermarket electronic ignition which has been working well. We are selling due to age and health issues preventing us from enjoying the car at this point in our lives.
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