Welcome to the Best Little Car Club in the Biggest Little City!

Reno British Car Club — Reno is fortunate to have a climate in which classic British sports cars thrive. It’s dry here, so our precious machines do not fear rust. We also average 288 sunny days per year and comfortable year-round temperatures, so we enjoy many top-down days and delightfully cool evenings.

Reno British means just that: All British cars welcome. We have members who own classics by MG, Jaguar, Triumph, Austin-Healy, Morris, Sunbeam, and Jensen. We don’t limit ourselves to just one marque!

Thanks to Allison Blair for our video!

Thanks to Caden Kuster of CK Drones for Video!

Thanks to Caden Kuster of CK Drones for Video!



We’re a small group, but have more than our share of experts in all things. Some of our members even know a few things about British cars, and all are happy to share that expertise. Let’s keep those “LBCs” (Little British Cars) on the road!

Come join us, we’d love to have you as a member. Dues are $30 per calendar year, beginning in January and include not only a family membership in our club, but access to some terrific national publications.