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Proposed Schedule of Events 2016




Neither rain, nor SNOW, nor sleet ...
We have a good time regardless of the weather!

This is a proposed schedule. Details and changes will be posted as we get them.

Rounds Bakery is located on Moana Lane in the Independence Square Shopping Center.

Gathering of the Fathful 2017 - If interested in going - Search

July 4: Club Meeting / Bar-B-Q at Virginia City

July 10-14: GOF West - Santa Maria

July 12: Coffee at Mimi's Cafe

July 26: Coffee at Mimi's Cafe

July 26: Road Trip - Fallon NAS Tour

Aug 9: Coffee at Mimi's Cafe

Aug 8-10:Hot August Nights

Aug 19: Club Meeting at Donner Lake Picnic

Aug 23: Coffee at Mimi's Cafe

Aug 23: Sky Peaks Car Show


During the year, and not on meeting days, there will be tours to these places. Details will be posted as dates approach.

We don't claim to be the 'only game in town.' Check out the schedule of events for other auto-related clubs and organizations.

National Auto Museum Schedule

Reno Jaguar Club



We are a very friendly group, often described as an 'eating club with a car disorder!'

Please feel free to drop into a meeting and introduce yourself, we'd love to meet you.